How do I estimate the cost of my 2D Animation

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2D Cartoon Animation Video production starts at $897/minute (if video script and voice over are provided by you) but sometimes you may want to add some professional done-for-you features.

It all depends on how you want your video and what options you want to add.

Additional options you might need:

#1 - Video Script Writing Service @ $99/minute
Did you know that some words have 100X more power over other words? The video script is one of the MOST (if not the most) important element of your video.To put it simply, it's the "make it or break it" element of the whole project.  If you are looking to hit your audience's hot emotional buttons and convert more viewers into action-takers, then you need to include this option.

How does it work:  In order for our professional copywriter to write a top-notch video script, custom-tailored for you, you'll need to fill out a quick 4-Step Creative Brief Questionnaire where we learn more about your company, target market, and product/service. After you send us back the form, your first script draft will be available for your review within the next 3 days.
#2 - Professional Voice Over Production @ +$99/minute
You may have the right message and drawings, but a bad voice-over can send wrong signals.  But you don't have to worry about this. We have over 25+ voice-over superstars you can choose from.
#3 - Done-For-You in another language from +$100/minute
If you want your video in any other language than English, we can create explainer videos from start to finish (with video script and voice overs if these extras are chosen) in Spanish, German, and French for just +$100/minute more. If you want your video in any other language not mentioned here it can be done for just +$200/minute more.

Quick example:

Let's say you want the options 1 and 2 (from the list above) the total cost is just $1095/minute.

Standard delivery:

Assuming timely approval/feedback from the client, our standard delivery time for the entire video is 3-4 weeks (we usually deliver sooner).

Express/Rush Delivery:

Need to meet a super urgent deadline and can't wait? Ask for our rush delivery options. We can complete a video in as little as 5 business days. however this costs extra as it puts your project in top priority from all the other open projects and our team will work around the clock to meet your deadline and deliver everything to you in 5 business days... but if 3-4 weeks sounds fine, we can stick to that. 

We meet deadlines every time, all the time. Guaranteed.

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