My video is going to be only few seconds, do I still have to pay per minute?

If you compare our prices with the quality of work we offer, you will notice that we're the most affordable choice out there. Unlike most of our competitors, wizMotions provides custom original artwork. We don't use clipart or Google images so you'll never have any copyright issues with us. And you will know your product is 100% original, created just for you, tailored to your needs to explain your message faster and better.

Because our pricing is already so competitive compared to the quality that we offer, we just don't have the time to offer smaller projects for less than one minute of production.  The minimum price we can offer our services is based on anything up to a minute and not per second.

However you're free to take advantage of this and have our team create for you a longer video (up to 60 seconds) without paying anything more. :-)

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